Travel Hotspot | Pai Canyon

I’ve been raving about Pai for a couple of posts now and I’m not done yet. Pai isn’t a large town, so there isn’t necessarily a lot to do. But the surroundings – oh my, they can keep you busy for months. Something you can’t skip while you there is the stunning Pai Canyon, a truly unique canyon that was formed by years of erosion.


My friend and I arrived at the Canyon at around 6 AM to hike around the trail during sunrise. We read something about narrow paths, but really didn’t think much of it. We were wrong. If you want to hike around the area, you certainly can – but it’s at your own risk. The canyon has pieces were the path is barely a meter wide, but the drop is at least 30 meters. There isn’t even a small bush, let alone safety bars, that can safe you from the fall. We were mentally unprepared for this and decided not to walk the trail. So we sat down on a bench with a stunning view and ate a ton of food instead. Not the worst day of my life.


IMG_0067Pai Canyon is beautiful. If you’re up for a challenge, bring your sports shoes and walk the trail. If you’re a not-so-athletic-easily-scared-food-addict like me, Pai Canyon is still a must visit. Bring your picknick blanket, sit down, eat and enjoy the view.     
         IMG_0038IMG_0045IMG_0047IMG_0074 Have you been to Pai and walked the trail? Let me know in the comments!