Food Hotspot | Witching Well, Pai

Apart from the beautiful scenery and upbeat vibes, Pai also offers some great food hotspots. One of them is restaurant Witching Well, a cozy restaurant with a distinctive look near the walking street of Pai.  The restaurant lives up to its name by making the restaurant look like the decor of a low-budget horror movie. Four words: witches and wells – everywhere. Luckily, the food is a lot more tasteful than the interior, and Witching Well quickly became our favorite hotspot. IMG_9971 IMG_9967Witching Well serves both western and Asian food, with a good selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes. The menu has clear signs that show whether something is vegetarian, vegan or easily converted vegan.  If you need an Asian break from all the rice,  this is the place to go. We were particularly excited because of one thing: whole-wheat bread! Everyone who has ever been in Thailand knows how hard it is to get some whole-wheat(ish) anything in Thailand (or in the surrounding countries, for that matter). We ordered bread with grilled vegetables and feta and a vegan option with sun dried tomatoes.IMG_9972IMG_9973For dinner, there are so many options to choose from. Although the veggie-tempura burger from our neighbor looked amazing (I’m totally guilty of food watching in restaurants), we decided to order pasta. We preferred the pesto-pasta dish (yum times three!) over the tomato pasta dish (average). For the full menu, have a look at their website.      IMG_9984 IMG_9981 So we had a pretty good lunch and dinner. But the true reason why I love Witching Well can only be about one thing. They had carrot cake. And chocolate cake. And it was delicious too. IMG_9986 IMG_9985 Witching Well is not cheap according to Thai standards, but will provide you with a good main course for four or five euros. My advice: do not skip the carrot cake. Although this is a basic life motto, it is especially important when you’re at Witching Well.

Witching Well
97 M.3 Vieng T
ai, Pai
+66 8 4366 4269

Other Food Hotspots in Pai 
 The restaurant next to Wishing Well, Boomelicious, is great for a healthy breakfast, lunch or a coffee date. We loved, loved, loved the wrap with roasted veggies, feta and basil pesto (see picture).
– When you’re feeling naughty for breakfast, Cafe D’etist serves some excellent American Pancakes.
– If you’re a hippie and a morning person, head over to restaurant The Good Life. Here you can have some healthy breakfast whilst enjoying a morning meditation class.
– Go get yourself some baked sweet potato with all sorts of toppings (cheese, avocado, tomato, corn) at the night market. IMG_0090